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Automated Shot Peening Machines

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Shot peening is used to finish metal parts that require increased wear and fatigue properties. In the process, shot bombards the metal part, creating small dimples in the surface.

The dimples cause compression stresses in the surface of the part, increasing the metal's resistance to cracks, fatigue and corrosion. Shot peening is used for critical, high-wear components such as gears, shafts and metallic skins for advanced aerodynamic products.

Engineered Abrasives® manufactures custom shot peening machines that are designed to meet the specific requirements for your application. Our experienced engineering staff will work with you to design a custom shot peening machine for your process and help you select the best media for your finishing requirements.

Custom features of our shot peening systems

  • Fixed or travelling guns.
  • Flexible loading and unloading mechanisms.
  • Adjustable media feed and air pressure.
  • Gun rods, holders and locking bolts manufactured of A2 Steel.
  • Polyurethane-lined units.

Engineered Abrasives® custom shot peening machines are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent performance requirements. Our knowledgeable, skilled staff will make sure that your custom shot peening system will provide the performance you require.

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

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