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Shot Peening & Blasting Services

Blast finishing and shot peening are state-of-the art technology that deburr, clean and enhance appearances. Shot peening services provided by Engineered Abrasives® can even improve the fatigue life of parts such as gears, housings and shafts.

Through our Shot Peening Job Services Program, Engineered Abrasives® has the ability to analyze a particular part and enhance its appearance and fatigue life with a Blast Finishing and Shot Peening process.

High Volume Certified Shot Peening Services

Engineered Abrasives® is committed to the highest standards in the industry, such as the SAE International standards. We are certified for ISO/TS 16949, registered in ISO 14001, approved in Ford Q1, and have patents.

The following shot peening services are provided by Engineered Abrasives® for high volume automotive gear shot peening:

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

Ceramic Peening Services

Ceramic shot peening is one of the most widely used processes for improving the wear properties of metal surfaces, usually for gears and other complex shapes. Learn More

Deburring Services

We offer industrial metal deburring services as part of our suite of custom finishing services for metal parts. Learn More

Fine Steel® Peening Services (Patented Process)

Fine Steel® shot peening is used for parts that require a fine surface finish in addition to the cleaning and deburring provided by steel shot peening. Learn More

Glass Bead Peening Services

Glass shot peening is used to finish metal surfaces that require a clean, bright satin finish while increasing the wear strength of the part. Learn More

Steel Shot Peening Services

Steel shot peening is one of the most widely used processes for cleaning, deburring and enhancing the appearance of a metal surface. Learn More

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