High Volume Ceramic Shot Peening & Shot Blasting Services

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Ceramic shot peening and shot blasting is one of the most widely used processes for improving the wear properties of metal surfaces, usually for gears and other complex shapes. Using ceramic and virgin media, shot peening creates dimples on the surface of the gear. The dimples retain beneficial oils and eliminate geartooth pitting, increasing the strength and fatigue life of the gear.

Ceramic beads, due to their toughness and density, are ideally suited to shot blasting. They maintain their shape, resulting in a consistent surface finish. In addition, surfaces finished with ceramic beads are less prone to stains or blemishes during use.

Ceramic Shot Peening Services

Our ceramic shot peening services for high volume automotive gear shot peening are performed under controlled conditions in our custom-designed, high performance machines. Engineered Abrasives® Shot Peening Job Services Program allows us to analyze your part and enhance its appearance and fatigue life with a custom blast finishing and shot peening process.

  • Efficient cleaning over the entire part, to the tightest tolerances.
  • Variety of grade, or size, of the ceramic shot to provide the required surface finish and strength compression.
  • Ability to handle a wide size range of parts and components, including complex shapes.
  • Ability to finish many metals, including aluminum, steel, steel forgings and machine parts.

Our ceramic shot peening services meet the highest standards in the industry, including the SAE International standards. We are certified for IATF 16949, registered in ISO 14001, approved in Ford Q1, and have patents. We serve all industries, and specialize in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Engineered Abrasives® is committed to providing your parts with the highest quality finishing services. We will work with you to ensure that your part is finished to your specific requirements and standards

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

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