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Internal Gear Shot Peening Equipment

Engineered Abrasives® is a leader in manufacturing custom shot peening and abrasive blast equipment used to finish internal gears, and in providing precision shot peening and abrasive blast services. Internal gears are complex shapes that must be finished with exact, uniform finishes throughout the entire shape and may require different finishes on the gear teeth and the external surface. The gears must be finished to the tightest tolerances and perform well under demanding conditions. Engineered Abrasives® has the experience and expertise to provide the solution to your manufacturing challenge, from small, intricate gears to large turntable gears.

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Shot peening and abrasive blasting are economical and effective methods to finish external gears to tight surface tolerances while work hardening the metal to increase the product life of the part. Shot peening improves the wear characteristics, fatigue resistance and surface texturing of the gear.

Custom Shot Peening and Grit Blasting Equipment

Our complete line of custom shot peening and grit blasting machines is designed and manufactured to meet the precise requirements of your external gear finishing application. We offer flexible configurations, designs to handle all size parts and a wide range of blasting media to provide a uniform finish for your internal gear, to the tightest tolerances. Engineered Abrasives® equipment is designed to provide reliable and durable performance in the most demanding manufacturing operations.

Our product line includes

  • Abrasive Blast Roll Machines and Cabinets
  • Automated and CNC Shot Peening Machines
  • CNC Shot Peening Index Machines
  • Deburring Machines
  • Single Cell Peening and Blasting Machines

Our index machines provide complete coverage for the most complex shapes, ensuring a consistent finish for all surfaces. Our blast roll machines can provide custom finishes for the different surfaces of your internal gear.

Shot Peening Services

Using our custom equipment, Engineered Abrasives® offers custom shot peening services to precisely finish your internal gear, delivering a uniform finish to the tightest tolerances for your part. Our experienced staff can provide custom finishes for the different surfaces of the part, if required. We offer a variety of media to provide the fatigue strength, strength-to-weight ratio and surface finish for your part. Our Shot Peening Job Services Program ensures that your part will meet your exact specifications and perform as required.

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Engineered Abrasives® shot peening equipment and shot peening services meet the highest standards in the industry, including the SAE International standards. We are certified for ISO/TS 16949, registered in ISO 14001, approved in Ford Q1, and have patents.

Whether you need a high quality blasting machine, or need parts finished to the most demanding specifications, Engineered Abrasives® is committed to providing you with the solution to your manufacturing challenge.

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

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