Engine Block Shot Peening & Shot Blasting Equipment

Engineered Abrasives® manufactures high quality shot peening and shot blasting equipment custom designed to clean engine blocks. We also offer precision shot and blast peening finishing services using our equipment in our state-of-the-art facility. Finishing engine blocks require equipment that can finish the multiple surfaces of the part and, if needed, apply different finishes to the various surfaces. The metal used for the engine block needs to be work hardened to provide the wear resistance and strength required by the high-stress, high wear operation of an engine. Our industry-leading experience and expertise will provide the solution to your manufacturing challenge, offering shot peening equipment that can accommodate the complex shapes of engine blocks or provide high-quality finishing services for a precise, uniform surface finish. 

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Shot peening is the most economical and effective method of producing and making surface residual compressive stresses to increase the product life of treated metal parts.  It is also used for work hardening to improve wear characteristics, straightening distortions and surface texturing for complex shapes and high wear parts, such as engine blocks.


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High Volume Shot Peening Services

Engineered Abrasives® offers shot peening services performed under controlled conditions in our custom-designed, high performance machines, delivering a uniform finish to the tightest tolerances for the engine block. We offer a variety of media to provide the fatigue strength, strength-to-weight ratio, and surface finish for your part. Our experienced staff will ensure that the finishes on all the surface areas meet your specifications and that the engine blocks are delivered to you production-ready.

Our Shot Peening Job Services Program ensures that your part will meet your exact specifications and perform as required.

Engineered Abrasives® shot blasting equipment and shot peening services meet the highest standards in the industry, including the SAE International standards. We are certified for IATF 16949, registered in ISO 14001, approved in Ford Q1, and have patents.

Whether you need a high quality blasting machine, or need parts finished to the most demanding specifications, Engineered Abrasives® is committed to providing you with the solution to your manufacturing challenge.

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

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