Fine Steel® Peening & Blasting Machines (Patented)

Fine Steel® shot peening provides a fine, clean surface finish for metal parts. It improves the strength and fatigue life of lighter-weight metals, enhancing their performance in applications that require a high strength-to-weight ratio. In the process, Fine Steel® shot is applied using a high velocity blast stream, producing fine dimples on the part's surface. The resulting compression strengthens the metal and the fine shot ensures a smooth, polished finish. Fine Steel® shot blasting is used for automotive and aerospace components.

Engineered Abrasives® manufactures custom Fine Steel® shot peening machines designed to meet the specific requirements for your application.

Custom Fine Steel® Peening Machines (Patented)

  • Fixed or traveling guns.
  • Flexible loading and unloading mechanisms.
  • Adjustable media feed and air pressure.
  • Gun rods, holders and locking bolts manufactured of A2 Steel.
  • Polyurethane-lined units.

Our experienced engineering staff is available to work with you to evaluate your requirements and design a Fine Steel® shot peening machine for your process.

Engineered Abrasives® custom Fine Steel® shot peening machines are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent performance requirements. Our knowledgeable, skilled staff will make sure that your custom equipment will provide the performance you require.

Applications for Fine Steel® Peening Machines (Patented)

Engineered Abrasives® custom shot peening equipment and automated shot blasting machines are used to strengthen and increase the fatigue life of a wide variety of metal parts from gears and turbine blades/jet engine blades to drills and engine blocks:

  • Gears
  • Camshafts
  • Shafts
  • Turbine blades
  • Connecting rods
  • Engine blocks

Industries for Fine Steel® Peening Machines (Patented)

Engineered Abrasives® blast finishing and shot peening equipment has been used for more than 75 years. We serve a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, appliance and more:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Heavy equipment
  • Medical
  • Military/Government

Media Used in Fine Steel® Peening Machines (Patented)

Engineered Abrasives® offers a full line of media used in shot blasting and abrasive blast applications. All of our shot is available in a wide range of sizes and materials so that you can be assured that the media you select will meet your exact finishing or blasting requirements. Our shot is manufactured to the highest quality standards and we offer media that meets industry standards:

  • Cut wire shot
  • Glass bead shot
  • Steel shot
  • Ceramic bead shot

Look for RED components and surfaces to be sure you get Engineered Abrasives® quality equipment OEM parts.

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